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Affordable Tire Removal Services

Improper tire disposal can lead to all sorts of health and safety problems. If a pile of tires catches on fire, it can release harmful chemicals into the earth and the air. That's why it's important to recycle your tires with a certified professional like So. Cal Tire Recycle. We provide reliable service in Los Angeles and up to 150 miles south of it.

Recycle Your Unused Tires

Whether you're a tire shop, a car repair shop, a dealership, or someone who has tires lying around, we can help. So. Cal Tire Recycle will come right to your location, providing efficient, on-time tire removal services. This will improve the appearance of your business or home, and you'll have more space to work with. All of our staff members are very professional and easy to work with.

In compliance with state law, we provide you with a manifest that states that your tires are being picked up to be recycled. So. Cal Tire Recycle ensures that your tires are going to a facility where they will be turned into a commodity that can be used in many different applications, such as asphalt, mulch, or playground materials. Reusing materials is always great for the environment.

Repeat Services

We offer one-time tire cleanup as well as excellent volume pricing for repeat services. Call us for pricing if you are a volume shop that needs weekly, biweekly or monthly service. Just let us know the time frame that works for you. We will notify you before we come out to pick up you tires, making sure that you are ready for pickup.